We truly believe hard work is the key to success. Keeping this concept in view, at Aegis International School, Jhunjhunu, we are a pledge to provide our valuable students with a sound of knowledge and wisdom with emphasis on building strong fundamentals in the principles of education, giving them moral values and strong character by the way of continuous training with psychological important methods.

Best School in Jhunjhunu

A School is a place where a child learns and develops physically and mentally by doing physical and mental exercise. Not only this, a child learns cooperation, coordination, and understanding and develops various talents in other fields. Aegis International School, being the best school in Jhunjhunu is lead by a great education visionary, honored with two international and national awards for excellence in education. We have sufficient land for the play ground for various games and sports for the physical development of our students. Also have laboratories of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Computer and Library for the mental development of students. Hence it is a unique learning place for scholars who have a firing inherent to lead this world.

Best school in Rajasthan

Careers 360 survey of best schools in India tells us Aegis International School is one of the best schools in the state of Rajasthan. Aegis International School offers an all inclusive educational experience from the state board to CBSE to ICSE, you name it and we will offer it. The School staff consists of competent and experienced professionals. We provide Overall development to make them good a citizen of the Country India in the present scenario of globalization to face and overcome the challenges. Our school was built not just to provide traditional education but also to impart excellent education. Aegis International School is English medium school in Rajasthan. Every day our school begins with this proverb where we provide a conducive, warm, experiential environment to our students to give the best of academics and grasp the best of character building. Aegis International School is a co-educational, English medium residential -day school affiliated to CBSE, where the moral of education are ‘Education with a smile’.

CBSE school in shekhawati

We have 260 full time highly qualified teachers Mrs. Nitu Sharma is the principal of the school. Dr. Suman Nain is the director of the school. Mr. Amar Singh Nain is the chairman of the school. We try to diffuse in students the determination and ability to discover the treasure within them. The school was inspired by the teachings of the great saint very famous thinker and philosopher, Swami Vivekananda. We try to explore their hidden talent and develop their skills to accomplish their desired goals and we are even committed to help the students to stand out in the changing world. Aegis International School is a CBSE school in Shekhawati.

English medium school in Rajasthan

Aegis International School is a Co-Educational school affiliated to CBSE syllabus. Aegis International School is located in Jhunjhunu Rajasthan. Aegis International School's vision is to encourage their children to think differently be creative and innovative and, to be passionate about what they wish to do, to value excellence. With the knowledge, wisdom and confidence compassion and cheer, children should be provided to make the world a better place than they found it. Aegis International School Being English medium school in Jhunjhunu, promises a good bright future. The need of today is to provide an individual the kind of education they desire and can give them a firm foundation for innovative learning that would turn him into a process person who is not a storehouse of knowledge. In this, today’s world spoken English is one of the necessities and in Aegis International School we maintain that disciple to speak English and it to be compulsory.

Top english medium school in Jhunjhunu

We as the top English medium school of Jhunjhunu know the value of language English as important as Hindi in this modern world. As we know Lack of English fluency can be a big hindrance in the future. English is the language of conversation, being the language of business. It is the language of Science and it is the language the world speaks. All this is great, but we still need to keep in mind that children learn at their own pace and at the right time. Aegis International School being a Top school in Jhunjhunu keeps all this in mind. We are the strong supporter of introducing the student early on to English. So in due time, you will introduce a student to English, the easier it is to adapt to it. In fact, science has proven that our linguistic abilities, i.e. the ability to pick up new languages, go down drastically with age. We have the strength of over 5000 students.

CBSE school in shekhawati

Education is a continuous process of building up, grooming, refining, and polishing of a human being which would enable him to face the world. Aegis International School challenges the students to think rationally and differently and encourage them to push boundaries as they are exposed to various opportunities and challenges in their life and to be out of box. The school is advancing towards providing international standards of education through multifaceted, holistic and ideal paradigms. The basic objective of Aegis International School is to implant positive thinking, compatibility, friendly nature, better interpersonal relationships, tolerance and an ever burning desire of being the best, and yet preserving the cultural heritage of our country by following the age-old norms of the old important Gurukul system. Aegis International School in Shekhawati has its mission to bring back an element of joy to school surrounding which would nudge the child to grow into full bloom and to train the students not just physically but morally and academically to meet the challenges of the modern competitive world. Developing Personality and developing Core Competence of our students are the two important concepts at the heart of our philosophy. Studying at Aegis International School is not just a fun-filled experience but also an enriching one. This learning system gives our children an important edge in becoming a successful citizen with the right values and discipline, both in thinking and in action. Academics play the role of helping the child to put the life experiences into context.

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    School Activities and celebration(Events)

    1. The grand celebration for lovely mothers – 13/05/2017
    2. Dental care 07/04/2017
    3.  Red colour day celebration 8/7/2017
    4. Yoga Diwas. 01/06/2017
    5.  Janmashtmi celebration 14/08/2017
    6. Independence Day. 15/08/2017

    Saturday  Activities  House Mart (Inter House Competitions)

    1. Essay writing competition  22/04/2017
    2. Calligraphy Competition 22/04/2017
    3. Water tag Game 22/04/2017
    4.  Poem for prep. 07/05/2017
    5. Dance Competition  15/07/2017
    6. Story telling Competition 22/07/2017
    7. Interview presentation  22/07/17
    8. Aim and throw Game 22/07/2017
    9. Rakhi making competition 5/08/2017
    11. Prince & Princess/ Radha Krishna Ramp Walk  14/08/2017


    * AISS EXAM 2016 – 17
    100% Result
    Out of 40 , 16 Students got CGPA - 10

    1. Ashmita  (CGPA – 10)
    2.  Deepak Raj (CGPA – 10)
    3. Janmaijai (CGPA – 10)
    4. Kumari Ambika (CGPA – 10)
    5. Shashika ( CGPA – 10)
    6. Vaishali Mudgal ( CGPA – 10)
    7. Amit Kumar Mahala (CGPA – 10)
    8. Arun Kumar ( CGPA – 10)
    9. Ashish (CGPA – 10)
    10. Deepak (CGPA – 10)
    11. Kajal Jangir (CGPA – 10)
    12. Lakshya Soni (CGPA – 10)
    13. Neeraj Jhajharia (CGPA – 10)
    14. Nikki Jangir (CGPA – 10)
    15. Rohit Kumawat (CGPA – 10)
    16. Sachin (CGPA – 10)
    17. Mamta (CGPA – 9.8)
    18. Ashish (CGPA – 9.8)
    19. Ankit Choudhari (CGPA – 9.6)
    20. Bhawana (CGPA – 9.6)
    21. Garima (CGPA – 9.6)
    22. Lucky Rulania (CGPA – 9.6)
    23. Monika Jhajharia (CGPA – 9.6)
    24. Pritam Mahala (CGPA – 9.6)
    25. Rinku Saini (CGPA – 9.6)
    26. Jai Deep Kulhari (CGPA – 9.4)
    27. Neha Mitharwal (CGPA -9.4)
    28. Pooja Sharma (CGPA – 9.4)
    29. Abhay Singh ( CGPA – 9.2)
    30. Amit (CGPA – 9.2)
    31. Anisha Kumari (CGPA – 9.2)
    32. Satish Kumar Dhaka (CGPA – 9.2)
    33. Khushi Soni (CGPA – 9)
    34. Nikita Dhaka (CGPA – 9)
    35. Abhimanyu (CGPA 8.6)
    36. Anju (CGPA – 8.6)
    37. Ankit (CGPA – 8.6)
    38. Sonia Sharma (CGPA – 8.6)
    39. Suma Digarwal (CGPA – 8.6)
    40. Akarshit (CGPA – 8.2)


    *   At District level 1st Runner up. Finalist of T.T. under age group - 19
    *   3rd Position in T.T. under age group - 17
    *   State Level Selection in T.T. Abhimanyu (Class - 11th ) and Janmaijai (Class - 11th )
    *   State level selection in Kho – Kho  Nisha (Class-8th ) and Sapana (Class - 7th)
    *  Bronze madel in Taekwondo - Monika Jhajharia (at Sikar)

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